Membership Rules

Membership Rules
Original (Brief) Version of the Members Agreement

1. The LETSystem (LETS) keeps a system of accounts in a quasi-currency, providing an information exchange and recording service on trading for the benefit of members.
2. Only the account holder can authorise a credit transfer from their account.
3. All credits and debits are interest-free
4. All accounts start at zero.
5. Members are entitled to know each other's balances and turnovers.
6. Members may decline any particular invitation to trade.
7. The LETS makes no warranty as to the quality, condition or value of items exchanged.
8. Any tax or insurance liabilities are the individual responsibility of members involved in a trade, not of the LETS.
9. LETS are nonprofit agencies, covering their running costs on a cost-of-service basis.
10. LETS can be independently organised by any local group, but should be democratically run and accountable to the members.

Updated Constitution and Members Agreement

Harrow LETS was founded in the early 90s and at the request of the coordinator, LETSlink set up an online system for the scheme. Information about how the scheme works, its legal constitution and membership data are held on this online system, and the events team run regular bring-and-share events to provide an opportunity for members to meet up, the dates of which are shown on the news page and circulated to members. Please study the links below, and if you are ready to give it a go, please fill in the application form. Once you have joined, follow the further information in Useful Pages (accessible from the sidebar).

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